Life Coaching 

This is not a rehearsal; life should be enjoyed, not endured.

So lets get started!

"carpe diem" 


Primary Locations- Sutton Coldfield, (Midlands) and Pezenas ,(Languedoc)

Please feel free to contact me at any time. 

All initial discussions are of course free of fees.


Introduction to Super Life Coaching

So what is my story?   

How I Can Help  An overview.  

Goal Setting and Re-Invention    



Performance Coaching-Career, Sport and Lifestyle

Phobia Dismantling and Confidence-Building

Life Laundry

Swimming (no success no fee)      

Coaching Style

The F Word


Residential Courses

...the final forming of a personís character lies in their own hands.   Anne Frank


Accommodation and courses in France  

France  Marseillan   


International Facilitation

Corporate services

Facilitation service 

Firm Challenge

Courtesy First