What is 'Courtesy First'  ?


Courtesy First was established in 1991 in response to my becoming aware that there was a discernable decay in the level of courtesy being afforded to all members of our society .

Having returned to the UK. after 3 years of travelling, I noted that the level of courtesy within educational establishments, within the work place and at sporting events had plummeted.

In response to this  observation, I decided to make a personal commitment to encourage courtesy- hence the creation of the Courtesy First certificate. The certificates are sent to any individuals or companies who display genuine courtesy. It is important to note that the awards are totally unsolicited. 

It is my ambition to make the certificates more widely available to persons who feel that courtesy should be encouraged. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to send a certificate to an individual or organisation . It is important to know that you should  forward a brief account of why the  certificate was awarded, together with the address and contact details of the recipient as all certificates are logged . Please forward an sae., and please enclose stamps to the value of 1.00-simply to cover costs.

It is hoped that you found the information of interest.


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