Facilitation services.  No win No fee.

I have acted as a facilitator for a wide range of organisations  (some of which are listed below).

Some of the organisations are multi-nationals, some of the organisations are family - run companies.

The size of the organisation is immaterial, because, as a professional, I offer total commitment to every project which I undertake.



As a facilitator I provide a  range of recognised skills  ie. businessman, trainer, entrepreneur, designer .

In addition to these easily compartmentalised skills, I offer less easily - defined yet significant   characteristics these being , experience, vision and determination.

As can be noted, I work on a “no win, no fee” basis, and so my clients are aware that I only work with projects which I feel will succeed or which suit my areas of expertise.


Having travelled extensively,  I have developed a significant network of contacts, primarily within China , France and Germany .


What exactly do I offer?

In addition to my main role which is product evaluation and launching, I support organisations in  marketing, negotiation,  and  “problem solving”.  I have introduced many products into new markets, and I have also helped companies from making disastrous decisions.

  As can be noted from the testimonial shown below I always go the extra mile.

  Some of my clients-

Paraid - Manufacturer of the Evac +Chair

Simplantex Healthcare - Europe ’s leading manufacturer of clothing items for the disabled

TACM – France -  manufacturer/retailer medical

Poitevin Diffussion -manufacturer-retailer

Decathlon-sports goods

Kleinmann GmbH- Europe’s leading manufacturer of computer cleaning products

Computercleaners Ltd- retailers of computer /hospital cleaning items

EuroDough-Sara Lee- bread and cakes manufacturer

The Mulberry Trust- NHS trust

Banks’s Brewery-Brewery division

Massey Fergusson-tractors

CB Chemie und Biotechnologie- chemicals - Germany

Teekanne GmbH- tea bags and gluhwein

Patient Line- Hospital communications.

Yongkang Baishite Vehicle Co- Vehicle manufacturers - China



As can be noted, I have supplied a Testimonial from Eurodough- Sara Lee. (Capitalisation value -

in excess of £4 billion.)

I can of course provide numerous testimonials which will attest to my professionalism.


I am happy to discuss any project with which you may need assistance.

Best wishes,



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