Yes - the F word- Fees. 

How do I pay for the support?

Lets us start with the easy part. I really do hate “talking money”, but it has to be done.

Initial discussions are free of charge.

After we have discussed your goals and how you will achieve them, we can arrange for further goal-setting discussions. These discussions can be held either in person or via the telephone. These calls can be charged at either a block rate, wherein we agree to establish 6 or more contact sessions. In this instance, the cost is £30 per 30 minute call. The rate for other calls is £35 per call. All call charges will be at my expense.


Face-to-face sessions are charged at £105 per half day/3 hours. Or £40 per hour. We can discuss the implications of travel costs when and if this is necessary.


Longer term projects. Some projects take a little longer, and take more input from all parties, and so we can discuss these projects at a time which suits you. (Projects such as assistance with parenting can necessitate 3 ,4 or more face to face meetings, plus additional support.)


Swimming. As noted “no success no fee”; but when we succeed the fee will be £190. Some people prefer to work with a group (max.3)- others prefer to work in a one-to-one situation. This is your decision. It may be that you wish to work with a friend(s)

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