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Firstly , what is “coaching”?

Quite simply, coaching is about getting the very best out of someone, and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life.

Is personal coaching the same as counselling?

The processes are very different. With coaching, the motivation comes from working with professionals who are themselves upbeat, positive role-models.


Coaching is a unique way of developing people.

People choose to work with life coaches for many reasons, yet there is one factor which is common to every situation- this being that the process is based upon a two-way relationship. Many people find life in the 21st century to be “difficult”. My aim is to offer a helping hand


So here we go! You have already taken the first step.


Goal Setting : life change and re-invention

Goal setting

Before you head off into the sunset, it is a good idea to know where you want to go. It is, of course, important to remain flexible, but at least you should have an idea of what your goals are. (Your goals may be quite “compact” ie. “I am going to stop smoking” or they may be more “open” and multi-faceted ie . “I am going to change my work/life balance.” 

Setting appropriate goals is exceptionally important.

Together we will identify your goals; we can then create a structure which will keep you on track.



Some people want to fine-tune their lives, some others wish to start from scratch. Together we can discuss your aspirations and then we can develop a game plan.

As with goal-setting, together we will create a formula which will work for you. Quite an exciting thought, isn’t it!


Arbitration: for individuals and organisations.

At times we find ourselves in relationship situations which are suffering from a “stalemate” component. Such situations are massively frustrating and psychologically draining. Often a brief meeting with a coach (who offers totally unbiased support) can lift the stalemate and allow the parties involved to recognise that a route forward has presented itself. Additionally a coach can be more active, by suggesting a structure which provides an opportunity for resolution.


Parenting-Skills: Strategies and relationship repair.

Parenting has never been easy but the pressures of the 21st century have unquestionably made it more complex.

Early years. I meet many parents who find that their lives are being ruined by the “difficult” behaviour of their children. This should not be the case. I can help you to regain your own lives and additionally offer you the chance to enhance every aspect of your family life. Your children deserve tranquility as much as you do.


Adolescence. Some families  encounter a 6 month blip when their children prove to be “less than co-operative” .This is par for the course. Other families encounter situations which are almost intolerable. Often families need support when the “lack of co-operation” becomes excessive. Life will not always be a bed of roses, but it should not be a constant bed of thorns.

Having worked with some of the most “challenging” young offenders within the UK, I can offer you expert advice on how to manage your domestic environment in times of “adolescent skirmishing”.


Performance coaching: career and sport

Career. I have worked as a facilitator with many multi-national companies. I am fully aware of what constitutes a successful career and a happy working life. I am also aware that you can’t have one without the other.

Contact me if you would like to discuss how best to structure your career in order that you can achieve what it is you wish to achieve.



As the holder of a Diploma in Sports Psychology, I can offer you specific support in performance coaching. Using both NLP modelling and my own experience as a coach and sportsman, we can create a format which will enable you to improve every aspect of your performance. You will become more focussed yet more relaxed, tougher yet more understanding of yourself and others. I would also like to think that you will have more fun.


Domestic : Management / Work Life balance

As a society we have never had such a comfortable lifestyle, yet we are increasingly discontented.

It is within your power to change this situation. I can help you to gain or regain a satisfying work life balance.


Lifestyle: management and physical fitness

There are only so many hours in a day, yet many of us are poor at managing our time. As a consequence of poor time management we make excuses about not having enough time to keep fit, to have time for ourselves or to keep in contact with friends. It is my aim to support you in establishing a lifestyle which allows you to keep both physically and mentally fit. As a person who is over 21 and who has a propensity to gain weight, I know that fitness and weight management requires application, but I equally know that they are totally attainable goals.  “Taking responsibility is liberating”


Phobia dismantling : confidence building.

Phobias are described as “irrational fears”; they may be irrational but they are also very real to the sufferer.


Conquering a phobia is often part of a much greater psychological shift which can often lead to a profound life- changing experience. Many people wish to confront and overcome their phobias, but they need support and guidance.

I will offer you the support which will allow you to change your world.


Life Laundry : getting back on track

Life laundry has become a useful shorthand phrase, however, it is important to understand that it is not about asking a coach to shred your life and lifestyle. It is more akin to offering a spring clean to your life, and, as ever, it is more enjoyable to tackle the spring cleaning if you are not on your own. At times we need support in order to move on. Intuitively we know that, at times, we need to get our lives back on track, but we sometimes need a helping hand.


Swimming : no success no fee

Why am I offering this option? I have yet to fail to teach someone to swim ,and I do not intend to start now.


How do I manage my coaching?

There is no 'one size fits all' formula for coaching, because, as you could imagine, teaching swimming by phone becomes a little complicated, however,  there are two basic forms of communication and support which prevail-these being, as one would expect, face-to-face meetings and telephone support.

Most coaching situations start with a telephone call in which we discuss your views.

In many cases we then arrange a face-to-face meeting, during which we discuss at length the issues which we are going to resolve. (The venue depends upon your wishes)

Subsequent support will be provided either by telephone, video, or face-to-face meetings.


How do I pay for the support?

Lets us start with the easy part. I really do hate “talking money” but it has to be done.

Initial discussions are free of charge.

After we have discussed your goals and how you will achieve them, we can arrange for further goal-setting discussions. These discussions can be held either in person or via the telephone. These calls can be charged at either a block rate wherein we agree to establish 6 or more contact sessions. In this instance the cost is £30 per 30 minute call. The rate for other calls is £35 per call. All call charges will be at my expense.


Face to face sessions are charged at £105 per half day/3 hours. Or £40 per hour. We can discuss the implications of travel costs when and if this is necessary.


Longer term projects. Some projects take a little longer and take more input from all parties, and so we can discuss these projects at a time which suits you. (Projects such as assistance with parenting can necessitate 3,4 or more face-to-face meetings, plus additional support.)


Swimming. As noted, “no success no fee”; but when we succeed, the fee will be £190. Some people prefer to work with a group (max.3), others prefer to work in a one-to-one situation. This is your decision.


Coaching for the corporate environment

Please visit the Firm Challenge Europe sub-section.


Residential Courses.


I am often asked to run residential courses both in the UK and France . These courses are mostly activity based and are designed to be enjoyable and challenging. As a group we will support you as you undertake a range of activities which you would normally not encounter. After the course you will feel that you can and will take on the world. You will recognise that the major limiting factor in your life is probably yourself.

Course fees are in the region of £250 pp/pw . This includes accommodation. Please call for details.


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